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Pierlite joins Signify, strengthening its market position in ANZ

SIGNIFY SUCCESSFULY COMPLETES ACQUISITION OF PIERLITE 3rd May 2022 MEDIA RELEASE   Pierlite’s acquisition by Signify strengthens its position in the Australian and New Zealand lighting markets  Sydney, Australia, Pierlite, a lighting and technology market leader in Australia and New Zealand, today confirms the completion of its acquisition by Signify, the world leader in lighting …

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J6 Energy Efficient Future

The biggest overhaul in recent years under the Energy Efficiency provision is here. Changes to section J6 (Artificial Lighting & Power) of the National Construction Code will reduce the illumination power density (w/sq m) allowed in new buildings.

Aged Care Lighting

As we continue to see the effects of an ageing population, more demand is being placed on high-quality aged care. Lighting plays an important role in improving and promoting wellbeing and safety. It can set the mood and dictate how individuals feel within a space.

Returning to Work

Returning to work after COVID-19 lockdowns is not as easy as flicking a switch. It can be disconcerting, especially for those that work in commercial offices or shared spaces. Pierlite is helping to support the return to work through providing solutions that assist in creating a safer environment.

Light on the Hill

In this CEO Magazine article, Lydell reflects on his career highlights to-date and longstanding passion for innovation. Lydell also discusses how his technology background has enabled him to evolve Pierlite’s offering and position the business at the global forefront of lighting technology.

Shine a new light

Gus recently spoke with CEO Magazine about his role in driving Pierlite’s transformative growth over the last 18 months. In the resulting article, Gus also reflects on his own leadership principles and how they have enabled Pierlite to thrive as one of Australia’s largest lighting companies.

Sustainable lighting design

The correct lighting can transform your company’s productivity and boost employee satisfaction, whilst employing sustainable business practices. Sustainability has never been so important and is a key area employees and customers look for in a business, before deciding to support them with their skills and expertise.