Jasmina Dubroja, Author at Pierlite Australia

Jasmina Dubroja

Leading a transformational change through a digital-first approach

Lydell Stokes and his team aren’t afraid to think beyond lighting in their quest to find innovative solutions and push the boundaries of how business operates. In 2019, Lydell was appointed General Manager of Future Markets and has helped transform Pierlite into a more technologically advanced business. With over 20 years of experience in design technology and consultancy, Lydell has removed the physical and social barriers between teams to create a more transparent, authentic, and digital-first office environment.

The Merits of Mentoring

For me, mentoring comes naturally. As a leader, I believe it’s my responsibility to help and empower my team to achieve their highest potential. Mentorship comes in many forms. It can often simply be open and honest conversations. It doesn’t have to always be structured or formal. In fact, I would contend the best form of mentorship is the type that’s built on a foundation of vulnerability and mutual understanding.

Troffer Application Guide

Pierlite’s extensive variety of troffer lights are of unmatched quality and are locally designed and manufactured to the highest of standards. They are also engineered for ease of installation and efficient use.

Why I choose to lead through a horizontal workplace hierarchy

An organisation’s workplace structure shapes the way people interact and collaborate. Right from the beginning, I’ve always wanted my team to effectively communicate with each other. That’s why I’m a strong advocate for horizontal workplace hierarchies. It’s the way I choose to lead my amazing team at Pierlite. My way of leading involves connecting with everyone I work with, regardless of their job titles or areas of expertise. I like to take an empathetic view in understanding what it’s like from their position.

Emergency Lighting Solutions

The Pierlite Emergency range is all about creating a safe and innovative emergency lighting solution that is reliable, high performing and offers the latest technology of Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries.