Troffer Application Guide - Pierlite Australia



Pierlite’s state-of-the-art troffers enhance the visual
comfort of occupants by providing high colour rendering
and uniform lighting. This is especially important for
workspaces and healthcare facilities, as an environment’s
light distribution can significantly affect work performance
and patient comfort.

Our troffers are equipped with leading smart lighting
technology, powered by Pierlite Connect. This focuses
on human centric lighting through features such as flexible
controls, occupancy sensing, people tracking, daylight
harvesting, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors that
enhance the wellbeing of occupants.

Pierlite’s troffers also provide energy efficient LED lighting
solutions that consume half the amount of energy as
traditional fluorescent lights. Not only is this better for
the planet, but low energy consumption also cuts overall
overhead costs and increases the asset value of your

Our extensive variety of troffer lights are of unmatched
quality and are locally designed and manufactured to the
highest of standards. They are also engineered for ease
of installation and efficient use. Pierlite’s troffer lighting
solutions are commonly used in open-plan or private
offices, meeting rooms, hospitals, and general
healthcare facilities.

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