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 Lyell McEwin Hospital
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Reducing the indoor transmission risk

Every day, healthcare organisations like Lyell McEwin Hospital, within the SA Health network, rely on Pierlite’s Aether air-cleansing luminaire to reduce the indoor transmission risk of airborne pathogens and deliver safer indoor environments to both patients and clinical staff.

Earlier this year, SA Health installed 33 Aether units at the Lyell McEwin Hospital, a major tertiary hospital in Adelaide’s northeast that provides critical medical, surgical, obstetric and diagnostic services to a catchment of more than 300,000 South Australians. Among its specialist facilities is a state-of-the-art cancer centre, large emergency department, cardiology, ICU, infectious diseases, imaging, rehabilitation and allied health.

Seamless integration with existing Lyell McEwin Hospital safety protocols

The 33 Aether units are installed and operating across the Lyell McEwin Hospital in its waiting rooms and corridors, using UV-C LED and medical grade HEPA H-13 technology to eliminate 99.995% of airborne viruses and bacteria. Operating unobtrusively and continuously, Aether delivers cleansed air to clinical staff, patients and their families.

Mr Hieu Pham, Strategic Asset Manager for the Northern Adelaide Local Health Network says the installation of Aether has strengthened indoor air safety at the hospital and will allow the hospital to operate confidently through colder periods.

“Our hospital has long had comprehensive air safety protocols at the bedside. Recent years however have shown air safety coverage must extend hospital-wide to waiting rooms, corridors, bathrooms and offices. We have implemented Pierlite’s Aether fittings across these rooms as a medical-grade technology solution to better protect our patients and clinical staff.”

“Pierlite’s Aether fittings have integrated seamlessly with existing safety protocols at the hospital. They have given us at the confidence of operating safely and uninterrupted through warmer and cooler months, protecting patients and ensuring we can stay firmly focused on delivering the best standard of patient care.”

It is trusted technologies like Aether that support safer environments indoors for public and private providers in Australia’s healthcare sector.

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