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F45 Brighton
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Increasing health safety for gym-goers

For the last few years, small businesses have been dodging the risk of a virus outbreak shutting down their studios, this small fitness studio added an extra level of protection for its, staff and gym-goers. 

Earlier this year, F45 Brighton made the investment in their studio, staff and gym-goers by installing the Pierlite Aether Air Cleansing Luminaire – A solution that is not only beneficial through the colder months but all year round in the fight against harmful pathogens. The Aether fitting cleanses 170m3/h, providing reassurance for a safer environment.

Easy installation by qualified a qualified electricians, and easy maintenance with replaceable filters.

F45 Director, Tony Raneberg, has boasted of the positive impacts the Aether fitting has had for gym-goers,
I call them the COVID killers. They’re a load off the shoulders of fitness fanatics who have been virus shy. It’s because you’re in a small space you’re all together. You know working out and sweating. So yeah, it does make you a little bit nervous with everything going on and a lot of people were fearful of being close to other members that there is at risk of you know the transmission of COVID, so having the lights has been a great tool to make our members feel safe, as well as providing lighting. We’ve had clients comment that the room feels cleaner and fresher since having them installed.
It is trusted technologies like Aether that support safer environments indoors for public and private providers in Australia’s healthcare sector.

Learn more about the Aether LED Troffer below: