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A major transformation to meet demand for Gosford Hospital

With an expanding population on the Central Coast comes an increased demand for quality, local healthcare services. To meet these growing needs, Gosford Hospital has undergone a major transformation, now enjoying upgraded facilities which enhance existing services and improve the patient experience.

A lighting solution to be compliant with stringent health standards

Working with ARUP Sydney and STOWE Australia, Pierlite was involved in the lighting for Gosford Hospital’s clinical services building (CSB) and main building upgrade. Our in-house application engineers were able to simulate illuminance and uniformity results based on the consultants luminaire layout for each area – essentially ‘stitching’ each zone together to form a whole floor. We ensured the lighting in each area was compliant with stringent healthcare standards, and simulated illuminance levels to ensure the end result was seamless.

Utilising a comprehensive range of products,from across our house of brands​

Utilising a comprehensive range of products from across our house of brands – including Australian made PLANET LIGHTING examination lights; European SIDE Overbed lights; NZ-made DOT Downlights; and Pierliete trotters – we’re proud to have delivered a lighting solution for this facility that will help to ensure patient wellbeing and maximise energy efficiency.

Products used

  • DOT9128, 9158, 9734, 9738, 9778
  • A-LED
  • D-LED9
  • ULED – Examination/operating theatres
  • Lab-LED
  • SIDE Jogger – nightlight to provide low level lighting in the wards
  • Celllite RAW – for secure wings