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Magic Boxing, Brisbane
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Brisbane boxing studio uses air-purifying Aether luminaires to keep its clients safe from colds, flu and COVID-19

Australia’s winter flu season has now kicked off and this year, Australians face what doctors are labelling a tripledemic: influenza, colds and COVID-19. All three of these diseases are currently spreading rapidly across the country, and the risk of transmission can be up to 19 times higher in indoor spaces than in outdoor spaces.


One industry that is particularly vulnerable to virus and bacterial transmission is the fitness industry, where unprotected indoor fitness spaces can be a hotbed for airborne disease transmission. Studies have shown strenuous exercise can lead to gymgoers breathing out 76,000 air particles per minute—132 times more than at rest. It’s therefore vital that gyms and fitness centres operating in indoor spaces prioritise air quality and ventilation to protect the health of their clients, staff and their business.

One way to deliver safer air is by implementing air cleansing technologies like Signify’s Aether LED Troffer, which have been proven to continuously inactivate and remove more than 99.995 per cent of harmful pathogens from the air and create spaces that are safe for all occupants.

In Brisbane’s northeast, leisure facility Ascot Aquatics Centre has implemented four Aether LED Troffer luminaires in its boxing studio, Magic Boxing, to keep its gymgoers and staff safe indoors.

Magic Boxing, which opened in 2020 and is directed by Australian Olympic boxer Paul Miller, offers innovative boxing technique and conditioning classes to its clients, who range from children as young as seven through to adults. Each class can have as many as 20 clients in the room training at high intensity, creating an environment where disease transmission would normally be high.

However, thanks to Signify’s Aether LED Troffer, both Paul and his clients are breathing in safe, disease-free air during every class. Each luminaire is equipped with a three-step ventilation system which continuously circulates air and scrubs it of harmful pathogens using ultraviolet (UV-C) LED technology. The air then passes through a medical grade HEPA H13 filter, emitting clean, safe air from its air outlet on the opposite side of the fitting.

Magic Boxing director Paul Miller said the Aether luminaires have been instrumental in keeping clients healthy and staff safe at work.

“As a leisure centre, Ascot Aquatics Centre is proud to champion the health and safety of our clients. Our pools already offer the highest water quality to patrons, we implemented Aether because we want our air quality to match. Many of our clients are younger children and also vulnerable members of our community, and in the post-COVID era, delivering safe air to these groups is non-negotiable

Lydell Stokes, General Manager Future Markets ANZ at Signify, said Signify and Pierlite are proud to be playing a role in helping many organisations across Australia and New Zealand reduce the spread of airborne disease indoors.

“Since launching the Aether fitting at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re proud to see the significant positive impact it is already having at hundreds of sites in industries including leisure, healthcare, hospitality, schools and childcare. Its market-leading air-cleansing capability and ease of installation not only make it a game-changing technology, but one that is delivering better health outcomes.”


Learn more about the Aether LED Troffer below: