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Sunshine Coast University Hospital
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Off to a bright start

It has been called Australia’s Smartest Public Teaching Hospital in 20 years. The much anticipated Sunshine Coast University Hospital (SCUH ) in Birtinya, Queensland officially opened its doors March 2017. It’s a feat which took more than 4 years in the planning and construction, $1.8 billion dollars and a 20 hectare (165,000 sq metre) site.


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Hospital Snapshot

The SCUH is also Australia’s newest hospital in 20 years to be added to the Queensland network and is expected to reach its full capacity with 738 beds and treat 90,000 patients by 2021. It features state of the art technologies, including self-guiding automatic vehicles to transport goods and its own 378 seat auditorium for students to watch live theatre procedures.

Planet Lighting was involved from the early construction phases in 2015 in order to meet the medical lighting specifications of this ambitious project.

A Smart Hospital Needs Smart Lighting

The project required green, smart and efficient lighting solutions. A 4-star Green Star Rating target was set on the Green Building Council of Australia, and an emphasis was placed on countering the typical clinical feel of a hospital environment by way of embracing greenery, art and open space.

Planet Supplied Multiple High Efficiency Medical Lighting Products, Including:

  • The Australian designed, made and 5 year backed, ULED and Phantom LED examination and minor procedure lights featuring metal construction, low to zero maintenance and accurate, lightweight positioning.
  • The Italian-designed, Rimsa minor procedure lights:  Pentaled 12 and Pentaled 28, exclusively distributed by Planet Lighting, featuring a shadowless lighting design.


Planet Supplied Structural Mounting (Cotton Reels) For The ULED, Phantom, Pentaled 12 & 28.

  • The Australian designed and manufactured mounts are custom built to the builder’s specification. These are supplied and installed early in the construction (dirty) phase to assist the project management. Lighting is supplied and installed towards the end of development.
  • The result is that structural mounting plates are matched perfectly to the appropriate lighting mounts, ensuring an easy and straightforward installation.

Desired And Delivered

Our client desired a medical lighting solution that was Australian made, efficient, versatile in mounting and could maintain a high standard of infection control. All LED lights supplied have a lifespan of 50,000 (L70) and feature a sealed hygienic light head and membrane switch plus have a range of mounting options.

Structural mounting plates are matched perfectly to the appropriate lighting mounts, ensuring an easy and straightforward installation.

A Bright Future Of Medical

Planet Lighting’s intelligent lighting solution pairs nicely with the hospital’s other smart energy choices, as well as being Australian made and designed. Planet is proud to be a contributor to Queensland Health’s ambitious public health goals.