Platypus Junction reduces sick days with Aether | Pierlite

Platypus Junction
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Reducing the spread of viruses amongst children.

Platypus Junction Child Care has added an extra layer of protection to their centre by adding Pierlite’s Aether fitting. The air-cleansing luminaire has proven to eliminate 99.995% of harmful pathogens, already adding to a reduction in children falling ill at this Mulgrave child care.

Pierlite’s Aether fitting was developed here in Australia using a three channel filtration system with built in UV-C light and HEPA to scrub 170m3 air per hour.

Easy installation by qualified a qualified electricians, and easy maintenance with replaceable filters.

Platypus Junction Child Care manager, Natasha Kerkez comments

We’re already seeing a reduction in sick days. This means children are able to attend their normal sessions, and partners are about to continue working without the disruption of a sick child.  

It is trusted technologies like Aether that support safer environments indoors for public and private providers in Australia’s care giving sectors.

Learn more about the Aether LED Troffer below: