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 Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC)
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Cutting-edge design and technology

Designed by Silver Thomas Hanley, DesignInc and McBride Charles Ryan and located in Melbourne’s Parkville Biomedical Precinct, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) is a state-of-the-art facility, that is the first comprehensive cancer centre in Australia and represents a collaboration that aims to save lives through the integration of cancer research, education and patient care to create a leading centre of excellence.

The $1 billion purpose-built VCCC was designed to maximise functionality and sustainability, all whilst boasting cutting-edge design and technology to reflect the superior minds working within the centre.

Architectural lighting

Pierlite alongside Downer Group was tasked with developing and delivering a range of suitable lighting products, as specified by the project’s engineers and architects. Required to match the architecture and aesthetics of the advanced hospital and research facility, as well as to meet the strict requirements of the building’s AS1680 Interior Lighting Standard. Pierlite, together with one of our architectural lighting specialist Inlite, offered a blend of fluorescent and LED lighting products for the project and supplied a variety of bespoke commercial, architectural and medical luminaires – customised according to the specific requirements of the project and each individual application.

Energy-efficient LED solutions

All of the downlights installed utilised energy efficient LED solutions to maximise performance and service life whilst minimising power consumption, outages and maintenance expense. The benefits of using DOT downlights included high quality aluminium reflectors and high performance CREE LEDs to maximise output and distribution. Many of the luminaires including the cleanroom luminaires and extruded forms were redesigned to incorporate monitored emergency lighting modules to improve efficiencies in installation and minimise ceiling perforations particularly in a sealed and clean hospital and laboratory environment. Lighting control systems have also been beneficial for healthcare facilities, allowing staff to adjust lighting to cater for individual needs, such as dimmable lighting for recovery and bright lighting for patient care activities and monitoring.

Designed and selected for each zone

Over 38,000 luminaires were used in patient wards and treatment areas, research laboratories, circulation and breakout spaces, car parks and exterior zones. These luminaires were designed and chosen specifically to suit each individual application and environment. In each respect it was critical that the light fittings could be easily cleaned, were robust in build and incorporated DALI dimmable control gear, LED lamps or light engines to maximise service life and minimise power consumption and maintenance. Installation and customisation in sensitive areas such as the research facility was a challenging aspect of the project. Pierlite also provided light fittings in MRI rooms bunkered several stories underground. To protect the MRI scanning equipment, physicians and patients and to align with the requirement of a ‘metal free product zone’, non-magnetic luminaires were built and installed in these rooms.

Pierlite takes centre-stage in a design
and lighting masterpiece

Pierlite was involved very early in the selection of luminaires for the project with the electrical services engineer and Downer Group to ensure a compliant and sustainable solution was delivered that met the expectations and stringent requirements of the client. Taking into consideration all elements, aspects and requirements of the project, the project team assisted in the design, build and supply of 250 different models and variations of luminaires to site whereby 75 per cent of these fittings were manufactured here in Australia. Once all fittings were installed, Pierlite, Downer Group and Grocon engineers spent two weeks overseeing a detailed light level survey of the hospital to ensure its compliance with the respective lighting standards and levels required by the hospital. A now iconic piece of Melbourne architecture, the VCCC is both a world-class facility for the education and treatment of cancer patients, as well as a design masterpiece.