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Tender Loving Care Disbility Services

An added layer of protection for staff and clients in healthcare industry

Every day, health services like Tender Loving Care Disability Services rely on Pierlite’s Aether air-cleansing luminaire to reduce the indoor transmission risk of airborne pathogens and deliver safer indoor environments to both patients and clinical staff.

Tender Loving Care Disability Services has been proactive by adding an additional layer of protection for their staff and clients by installing Pierlite’s Aether air-cleaning fittings in both their Melbourne and Sydney sites. Pierlite’s Aether is an air-cleansing luminaire that has been proven to eliminate 99.995% of harmful pathogens, including SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) from the air.

Seamless and simple installation

Pierlite’s Aether air-cleansing luminaire integrates seamlessly with existing building structures, offering the option to be recessed or suspended. 

Our air-cleansing luminaire has assisted businesses from small to large get back to living while providing staff and clientele with an added layer of protection. 

Pierlite has so far supplied Aether fittings to over 100 sites, helping to protect people in areas such as hospitals, aged care facilities, hospitality venues, hairdressers, health and fitness, mining, and defence facilities.

Learn more about the Aether LED Troffer below: