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Australia’s first air purifying
LED light fitting that reduces
airborne virus transmission
6th July 2022



Pierlite launches Australia’s first air purifying LED light fitting that reduces airborne virus transmission

As flu season commences and COVID-19 Omicron cases continue to threaten Australia’s health and economy, a first-of-its-kind air purifying solution is offering new hope for schools, hospitals, offices and cafes as they keep people safe indoors.

Australia’s leading lighting and technology company Pierlite has launched the Aether LED Troffer, a novel UV-C/HEPA air purifying luminaire proven to proactively inactivate and remove 99.995 per cent of harmful pathogens from the air.

Engineered in Australia, the troffer luminaire is designed for easy installation in modular ceiling grids common in education, commercial, healthcare and hospitality environments.

Aether differs from conventional air purifiers in that it inactivates viruses and kills bacteria. As well as providing traditional lighting capabilities, Aether is equipped with a three-step ventilation system which actively circulates air and scrubs it of harmful pathogens in a concealed chamber using ultraviolet (UV-C) LED and HEPA disinfectant technology.

Using a quiet, long-lasting motor in Aether’s inlet grill, the fitting continuously draws in air from its surrounding environment. Once inside the concealed chamber, the air passes through ultraviolet (UV-C) radiation, damaging the DNA of harmful airborne pathogens and rendering them ineffective. The air then passes through a medical grade HEPA H13 filter, emitting clean, safe air from its air outlet on the opposite side of the fitting.

The Aether fitting can also be equipped with IoT sensors and controls, providing users with features including real-time air quality, energy usage and occupancy analytics.  The Aether troffer is powered by 20W DC motor and achieves a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 170m3/hr

Pierlite has already received significant third-party clinical validation supporting Aether’s efficacy from Australian, German and Chinese laboratories[1].

Pierlite’s General Manager – Future Markets Lydell Stokes said Aether will transform indoor safety outcomes for school classrooms, offices and hospitality venues.

“The Omicron wave we saw in January showed that despite high vaccination rates, the risk of virus transmission indoors remains at an all-time high. At this critical time, we are proud to bring one of Australia’s safest, most efficacious solutions to market to help Australian organisations reduce virus transmission, keep occupants safe and reduce critical workforce shortages,” said Lydell Stokes.

“Almost every school classroom, hospital and office is already equipped with modular ceiling infrastructure with troffer lighting products installed. By looking at lighting differently and replacing some troffers with Aether, indoor spaces immediately and effortlessly become safer, cleaner environments.”

Pierlite CEO Gustav Arianto said Pierlite was proud to empower Australians with leading technology solutions.

“We at Pierlite have a 70-year history of leading the lighting and technology innovation curve and empowering Australians. Aether is the latest of these innovations, designed on the principle that lighting today can achieve much more than simply brightening a room. I am very proud of our team’s tireless work in delivering a solution that will transform building safety practices.”

Aether has now been installed in organisations across Australia, including Melbourne disability services provider Tender Loving Care, SA Health, St John of God Health Care Perth and a prominent Perth college.

[1] Researchers led by Dr. A. Bermpoh at Biotec GmbH Laboratory, Germany, confirmed Aether inactivated 99.995 per-cent of MS2 virus particles as a surrogate for SARS-CoV2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Further testing by the Guangdong Detection Centre of Microbiology using the TGA-recommended human coronavirus HCoV-229E showed Aether reduced the airborne viral load with an inactivation rate of over 99.9 per-cent.


Adelaide fitness community celebrates as Aether creates safer indoor environments at Brighton F45 Training studio


In the Adelaide suburb of Brighton, a prominent F45 Training studio has become an early adopter of the Aether LED Troffer in Australia, protecting its members and trainers from flu and COVID through winter.

F45 Training Brighton hosts a variety of high-intensity 45-minute training sessions daily for its Adelaide members. Each week sees more than 300 members enter the studio, often on multiple days, to train as a team, with most workouts focused on cardio and resistance training.

In-line with its commitment to keep its members and staff safe from airborne virus transmission, the F45 franchise recently installed nine Aether units across its 200 square metre facility. The units operate continuously during operating hours, cleansing the air and eliminating 99.995 per cent of airborne pathogens.

Co-director and franchisee Tony Raneberg said the Aether fittings have helped its members train with peace-of-mind knowing they are breathing cleansed air.

“While it’s important that all fitness industry operators take steps to minimise virus transmission indoors, for us it is non-negotiable. With all our team training sessions occurring indoors, its critical our studio is well-equipped with industry-leading protocols to keep our members safe”, said Mr Raneberg.

“Since installing Aether, we have had very positive feedback from members. Our members not only feel more confident training in the studio through colder winter months, they are also noticing a cleaner feeling in the air during high intensity workouts. It makes a huge difference,” Mr Raneberg said.

“Aether is the perfect air-cleansing technology for us as it does not take up valuable space in the studio, is very quiet and operates continuously throughout the day. It is a game-changer for the fitness industry.”


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