Swimming Pool Lighting - Pierlite Australia

Selection of chemically resistant lighting fixtures
for environments with high chlorine content.


Criticalities may occur when installing LEDs in environments with high concentrations of particular types of chemicals.

Two things can damage or shorten the lifespan of LED’s, and they are electrical stress and chemical incompatibility.

Disano has developed a series of luminaires especially suited for installation around swimming pools and environments containing chlorine gas. The products selected by Disano for these types of environments use:

  • LED Mid Power sources that, in order to resist to chlorine gas, requires the application of a conformal coating treatment. In this case, the LED is protected against heat exchanges, it will not be negatively affected by chemical gases and it will not degrade under UV radiation, making the LED Mid Power last longer. This treatment will keep both luminous flux and colour temperature unaltered.
  • LED High Power sources, already recommended for environments with high concentrations of chlorine gas, do not require any special coating treatment.

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