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NSW Department of Primary Industries

A bright new start in the heart of Orange

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has a vibrant new headquarters at the old Orange Base Hospital site on Prince Street. The DPI is dedicated to the growth and recovery from drought, fire and the impacts of COVID-19, and is a critical part of the Government’s new Department of Regional NSW. Pierlite is proud to have provided the complete and comprehensive lighting solution for the newly built facility in Orange.

The NSW DPI has been located in Orange since the 1990s with a nearly 30-year history as one of Orange’s largest employers. This new $75 million, three-storey construction was built to provide more comfortable and modern place of employment for a 700-strong workforce in the regional city. It aims to attract the best and brightest minds and allow room for expansion in the future.

Enhancing modern workspaces

This project was specified by Wood and Grieve Engineers and, due to budget restraints, an alternative complying lighting design was requested. Pierlite put forward an alternative package, including luminaires which comply with Australian Standards and J6 requirements – all to the satisfaction of Wood and Grieve Engineers.

Also working closely with the building owner and contractors, AJS Electrical, Pierlite designed the lighting for the brand-new NSW DPI office block’s entirety. The expansive building comprises three office floors, each requiring a range of workspaces from reception to personal desks as well as dynamic co-working zones. In designing the lighting for the NSW DPI, it was essential to support more modern ways of working, with a focus on agile development and collaboration. The final lighting design included a range of Futcha Led 2, Crystal Eco Downlights, BWP Pro LED Weatherproof and C350 Lowbay light fittings.

Along with creating innovative lighting solutions for the NSW DPI team to maximise potential while working in the office, Pierlite provided Disano Clima Postops and Side Green M Bricklights for the building’s garden and lunch area. Unwinding while on a break or catching up casually with colleagues is best achieved with a warm ambience.

For the exterior, careful attention was made to highlight architectural elements while keeping safety at the forefront. A range of Disano Clima and Mini Stelvio, as well as Side Green M Bricklights and Apply Wall Luminaires were used to achieve this. The open car park and basement car park lighting also offers a sense of security and peace of mind, all while remaining energy efficient with environmental and energy costs considered.

Combining ease of use with precise control

As a new build, the NSW DPI building features a sophisticated Building Management System (BMS). This BMS installed allowed for the integration of Pierlite RAPIX Lighting Control and RAPIX Monitored Emergency to control the lighting.

RAPIX Lighting Control:

This is a Dali protocol lighting control system used to monitor and control lighting levels, as well as operate and coordinate movement sensors within the building. Our category and engineering team were able to re-engineer luminaires to have CMS (Cable Management Solution) plugs in order to enable them to perform with RAPIX. The result: precise control of lighting across the building made accessible and simple.

RAPIX Monitored Emergency:

  • RAPIX DALI Emergency Lighting Monitored system was used which allowed one click commissioning.
  • The system also allowed to group fixtures, set maintenance schedules, generate reports and comply with AS 2293 standards.
  • Zone Controller: RAPIX Emergency software connects to the DALI line using the RAPIX Zone Controller. The Zone Controller supports control functions, scheduling, and the seamless joining of individual DALI lines in a building.

Products Used: