Streamline Academy - Pierlite Australia

Streamline Academy

IP20 Dimmable 5 year warranty C Tick

The Streamline Academy is the latest wide body surface mount, suspended luminaire from Pierlite. Its’ simple design with the latest LED lighting specifications makes it ideal for schools and office compliant applications.

  • Simple, modern construction and appearance that is robust and easy to install.
  • High performance CRI90 LEDs which supports visual clarity and comfort. Low glare optics for UGR19 compliant designs.
  • Flicker free LED driver in DALI. Interact Ready option available on request.
  • Install independently or make it linkable. (Joiners coming soon).

Product Specifications

Ingress Protection Rating
UGR Design
MacAdam Steps
Dimming Technology
54,000hrs (L80/B10) @40 ⁰C
Line Voltage Frequency
Class I
Electrical Rating
Earth Leakage
Driver Location
Add To Ideas Item Datasheet IES Item Code Description System Power Exit Lumen Lm/W CCT Inrush Current Inrush Current Duration Line Current Dimensions Luminaire Colour Weight Luminaire Material Installation Type
Add to ideas download datasheet download ies STA280LS2D4 STREAMLINE ACADEMY SM 280X600MM LUMEN SELECT 4000K CRI90 18W DALI 18W 1800lm 100lm/W 4000K 15.8A 288μs 0.08A L665 x W282 x H54 mm White 3.1kg Steel (Mild) Ceiling Surface Mounted
Add to ideas download datasheet download ies STA280LS4D4 STREAMLINE ACADEMY SM 280X1200MM LUMEN SELECT 4000K CRI90 36W DALI 36W 3700lm 100lm/W 4000K 15.8A 288μs 0.15A L1265 x W282 x H54 mm White 5.6kg Steel (Mild) Ceiling Surface Mounted
Add to ideas download datasheet download ies STA280LS5D4 STREAMLINE ACADEMY SM 280X1500MM LUMEN SELECT 4000K CRI90 45W DALI 45W 4800lm 100lm/W 4000K 21.6A 346μs 0.19A L1565 x W282 x H54 mm White 6.5kg Steel (Mild) Ceiling Surface Mounted