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Orange City Centre
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Cost and energy efficient retrofit to Orange City Centre Shops

The carpark at Orange City Centre was dull and shoppers had complained of low visibility. With the team of JRW Electrical, Fraztec, and L & H Orange using Pierlite products, they were able to light up the carpark sufficiently.

Upstairs in the shopping mall, the previous Low Bays with Sodium globes were replaced with our LED Panels, giving a natural light feel to the area. Adding to this the rebate scheme has also helped to expedite the upgrades, and customers are all ready complimenting the upgrades.

Overall the savings will be quite large for the centre and the maintenance factor will be reduced to almost zero for this section of the shopping centre meaning less downtime.

Orange City Centre wanted to achieve: 

  • Upgrade from CFL Tube fittings and Halogen fitting to LED Maintenance
  • Cost reduction
  • Energy Saving
  • Better Lighting
  • Sustainability

All of which, they were able to achieve through using Pierlite solutions. 

By using the BWPECO404ECSLS set at 27W the contractor was able to meet and exceed the expectations of the shopping Centre. 

Upstairs in the shopping centre they had installed Low Bays with Sodium globes that were giving off a green hue and made the centre Dull. These were replaced by 600 x 600 LED panels (ECOPL066CSEG2) which has given a more natural lighting feel to the area. All in all the centre now feels a lot brighter and engaging with the new lighting throughout.