Healthcare Lighting Guide - Pierlite Australia

Lighting plays a significant role in health, wellbeing
and performance — essential in healthcare.

Combining the latest technology with smart lighting design, Pierlite harnesses the power of natural light to help create the highest quality medical and aged care environments.

The Pierlite range of smart, human-centric lighting can be completely customised to increase focus, improve safety and support healing, contributing to the creation of exceptional healthcare zones.

From vital surgical functions within operating theatres and supporting long hours at a nurse station, through to the wellbeing of patients resting and recovering on the wards, purposeful lighting choices can enhance health from every angle. Each solution considers patient experience while aiding staff performance.

What’s more, the Pierlite range of energy efficient luminaires helps to minimise maintenance costs and reduce power consumption in line with Australian standards (NCC section J6).

Lighting can be transformational. It doesn’t just bring your space out of the dark — thoughtful lighting solutions
can change the way we think, feel, work and learn.

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