Education Lighting Guide - Pierlite Australia


Transforming Learning Through Lighting.

Rethink learning environments and give students and educators every opportunity to build a brighter future. Use lighting to enhance your educational facility from the classroom to reception, right through to the auditorium and car park.

Together with air quality, acoustics and thermal comfort, lighting plays a significant role in health, wellbeing and performance. In fact, innovative, human centric lighting can influence the circadian rhythm to support occupants on a biological level.

Whether it be to enhance focus, creativity or collaboration, Pierlite tailors complete lighting solutions to bring out the best in teachers and students, based on the needs of each area.

And with sustainability at the forefront of modern building design, you can discover lighting that reduces energy consumption and environmental impact while optimising your educational space.

Lighting can be transformational. It doesn’t just bring your space out of the dark — thoughtful lighting solutions
can change the way we think, feel, work and learn.

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