200 George Street - Pierlite Australia

 200 George Street, Sydney

Embodying industry-leading design, technology and sustainability features

Home to Mirvac and Ernst & Young’s new Sydney headquarters, 200 George Street by Mirvac consists of 37 storeys with 33 office floors. Designed by architecture practice Frances-Jones Morehen Thorm (FJMT), embodying industry-leading design, technology and sustainability features, 200 George St embraces innovation and high technology.

6 Star Green Rating

On behalf of Mirvac, ARUP Consulting asked Pierlite to assist in producing a luminaire to achieve specific lighting parameters, ensuring the lighting component aligned with the design, technology and sustainability features of the project.

These included National Construction Code (NCC) mandatory compliance, as well as a 6 star Green rating, a rating not widely seen in mainstream construction but
broadly desired for its implicit value. All based on a non-standard ceiling grid.

Our proven heritage in lighting solutions shines

With a design team who went full LED on the project, ARUP Consulting focused on selecting the right supplier who not only had a record of reliability, technical capability and a willingness to customise, but one who could deliver a product that balances technical parameters with aesthetics, quality and affordability.

Thanks to the strength of our R&D team, Pierlite took a complex lighting puzzle and came up with the best, most efficient and impactful lighting solution.

For a project with unique floor plates, a customised LED solution was the only viable option. Utilising our latest model Pierlite F-LED louvre troffer with Samsung chipsets, stringent LTP’s (as required by Green Star and BCA) were achieved. A significant energy saving of 20% resulted, with LED delivering a massive 50% saving in maintenance overheads due to their self-efficiency.

The world’s benchmark

200 George Street is one of Australia’s most environmentally advanced and sustainable buildings, and the first in Australia to be fully lit with LED lights. Representing “World Leadership” in environmental sustainability practices, a 6 Star Green Star – Office Design (v3) rating has been attained, together with a 5 Star NABERS Energy Rating (Excellent Performance).